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September 2016

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The Joys of Pediatric Speech Therapy

My passion is working with really young kids and teaching them language. I have had the pleasure of working with birth-5 year olds for the past 9 years and I have witnessed so many great moments in my speech room, office, and preschool class.

I took a year off being an SLP and stayed home with my baby this past year and I recently started working again in June. I have had so much fun working with kids again. I enjoy working with all of them but my favorite are the 2-5 year olds who are learning how to use language still. They are just so cute. This summer I had the privilege of working with some adorable young kids and I witnessed a 2 year old say some of his first words in my speech room. My heart melted and I was the happiest SLP right there. I looked at the mom and she was teary eyed. Being a mom of two young children myself I constantly put myself in the parents’ shoes and share their joy. It is such a blessing being able to help these kids and their families.

No matter how challenging work gets for us SLPs we have those days where our speech kids surprise us and meet their goals or say their first words and at times like this we remember why we chose this field. We give give give and feel so tired sometimes but when those moments happen we truly see the difference we are making in the world around us.

Shout out to all my SLPs out there bringing happy tears to mommies and daddies and helping kids excel to the best of their abilities!!