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V-B Minimal Pair Words

We have all heard that kiddo who says “best” for “vest” or “bacuum” for “vacuum.” Some kids have a difficult time producing the /v/ sound and often substitute this sound with the /b/ sound because /b/ is just so much easier to pronounce! We made a small packet with V-B minimal pair words to bring attention to the /v/ sound. 
the words that start with the /v/ sound in the top row, then ask your child to repeat
these words. If the child says “best” for “vest,” stop the child and bring attention to
the difference in these words. Explain that “vest” is something you wear and it is
different than the word “best.”
Continue modeling each word and help the child realize that by substituting /b/
for the /v/ sound,
each word changes its meaning.

Click here to download the packet: V-B Minimal Pair Words

How to teach the V sound: Click here!

Want more /v/ words for practice? Click here!

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