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May 2015

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My First Sight Words

Sight words are frequently used in writing and make up a large percentage of texts we read. Although learning letter sounds and reading each letter in a word is very important, memorizing some sigh words will also help our children with their reading fluency. I picked 5 frequently used sight words for the preschool age. You can print these words and put them anywhere in your house or classroom and practice them with your kiddos. You can introduce one word per day or per week depending on your child’s learning abilities. Make sure you repeat these words over and over and talk about the letters that make the up. Repetition is the key to sight word acquisition. Once your child has mastered these words, ask them to say the words out loud and you point to them. You can print these and put them in a binder for further practice and introduce new sight words monthly.
Here is a PDF you can print for free: My First Sight Words