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April 2015

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Gearing Up for Better Hearing and Speech Month

Is it just me or is April flying right by? I know as an SLP I am getting excited to see May creep closer on the calendar because May= a month to celebrate better hearing and speech! I don’t know about you but I get excited with the thought of being able to spread knowledge about our profession! How many times do people ask you “What do you really do?”? I hear this question on end so I love being able to educate others about the field that I love.

Last year, on instagram, we brought a fun speech and hearing fact to your each day. Many of you asked if there was a place where you could download these facts for next year so I’ve decided to share these facts with you. I put it into a friendly PDF format for you to have during BHSM. The second page of the file is interactive so you can click on any given day and it will automatically pull up the fun fact for that day.

Click on the picture above to download this file or here.
I displayed the fun fact for the day in the window of my office. Kids and teachers loved going by each day to read what the new Hearing, Speech, and Language Fun Fact of the day was.
How will you be celebrating better hearing and speech month in your room or office?

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My Toddler is Learning Letter Sounds…! Here is How!

I finished potty training my 2.5 year old about 2 months ago and I had to use LOTS of positive reinforcements/rewards to train him. I made a box with different rewards for him including: gummy bears, jelly beans, stickers, and letters. (I’m not a big fan of food rewards but I really wanted him potty trained 🙂 Every time he went potty in the toilet, I gave him an edible treat and a non-edible treat. When he got letters for his reward, he had to name the letter. He knows all of his letters now, so now every time he goes potty he gets a letter and he tells me the sound. He has learned letter sounds for about 6 letters so far.

Learning letter sounds are important because kids need to know what sound each letter makes in order to read. The reason why I like using potty time to teach him these sounds is because he goes potty every day obviously and that way we both remember to work on our letter sounds and they have become a part of our routine. It is not easy sitting down with a toddler to work on sounds so we always use our everyday routine activities to work on academic skills. 

You do not need to use the toilet to teach kids letter sounds, but I highly recommend making this a routine thing. For example you can work on a different sound every day during breakfast, dinner, or bedtime. 

I also love using this youtube video to teach letter sounds. My son is a huge fan of the ABC apple song and has learned so much from it. 

I got our box of letters from Michaels! I hope this small blog post helps. 

Please read: Toddlers at this age DO NOT need to know letter sounds. These are skills that children learn in kindergarten. This post if for parents/teachers with children who are interested to learn letter sounds at this age. My son is very interested in letters so we are focusing on his interests.

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Earth Day

 With the flowers are starting to blossom and bloom and the days are getting longer, it is hard not get to hopeful that those summer days are just around the corner. Last week was my district’s spring break and while I am sad to have had left the Hawaiian sun behind, I am ready to start April with a little pep in my step (with a much needed coffee in my hand, of course!). I’ll be sure to post pictures from my Spring Break vacation in another post as well. It’s hard to believe I will be back there in 4 short months to get married!

If you’re like me and these are your first days back from break, you’re definitely going to need some activities to get you through the next couple of days or maybe even the next couple of weeks. With Earth Day just around the corner, I decided to update my Earth Day packet to add a greater variety of activities that you can use with multiple ages and to address different goals such as sequencing, compare and contrast, sorting, and so much more. One part of the packet that my students have been enjoying the most is making the Earth Day craftivity. I feel that it is important to instill in our kiddos that they can do their part to keep Earth beautiful and that they can take ownership when it comes to protecting our environment.

Click on the picture above or this link to download this activity:Earth Day Craftivity
To download the Earth Day Mini-Book FREEBIE click here: Earth Day Mini-Book Freebie
How will you be celebrating Earth Day in your Speech Room? Hope you enjoy these Earth Day activities! We always love to see pictures of you using our activities. If you’re on Instragram be sure to follow us. Our username is: The Speech Chicks.