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Welcoming Spring with a TPT Hop & Hunt

Happy first day of Spring! Washington was blessed with a fairly mild winter this year and we began to see signs of Spring pretty early on so I can’t complain. I know that some of you are very relieved that we are saying good-bye to Winter and hello to Spring!

What better way to say hello to Spring than with a TPT Hop and Hunt. Kim from Activity Tailor and Lynda from Lyndaslp123 did an amazing job of organizing a TPT Hop and Hunt for you all filled with great materials to help you get into the Spring mood in your therapy rooms.

Here is how it works…

You can either start at Activity Tailor’s store: Activity Tailor’s TPT Store or head over to our TPT store and click on our featured freebie: Spring Basic Concepts Book. Click on each of the seller’s banners because it will automatically take you to the next store. When you click on our banner, it will take you over to All Y’all Need’s store. You can find a list of all the stores participating in the description of our freebie

Trust me, you don’t want to miss these freebies!!

Be sure to download the freebie from each seller participating in the Hop and Hunt because the secret word will be INSIDE our freebie downloads. This is something you don’t want to miss either because you can win a plethora of materials that will help you spring into fall and make your planning a cinch. Once you have all of the secret words, head back to Activity Tailor’s blog to enter the words in rafflecopter. You have until March 27, 2015 to enter!

Better get HOPPIN’ and HUNTING!

Happy spring everyone!

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L-W and L-Y Minimal Pair Words

We have had many parents contact us this past month about the /l/ sound so we decided to make an “L” freebie. If you have been around toddlers and preschoolers you are probably familiar with “gliding.” Gliding is a phonological process that affects the /r/ and /l/ sounds. Children with this phonological process substitute the /r/ and /l/ sounds with the /w/ or /y/ sounds.

“yed” or “wed” for red
“yion” or “wion” for lion

We made a packet with L-W and L-Y minimal pair words to bring attention to this phonological process. 
to use the cards: Model the words that start with the /l/ sound in the top row,
then ask the
child to repeat
these words. If the child says “white” for “light,” stop the child and bring
attention to the difference in these words. Explain that “white” is a color and
it is different than the word “light.” Continue modeling each word and help the
child realize that by substituting /w/ or /y/ for the /l/ sound, each word
changes its meaning.

for parents: Read the top row and the bottom row to your child twice a day to
help with auditory discrimination. Your child will eventually realize that the
words in the top and bottom row are different. It is helpful to record your
children and ask them if they said the word in the top or the bottom row.

Click here to download the packet: L/W and L/Y Minimal Pair Words

How to teach the L sound: