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Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

is just around the corner and we have lots to be thankful for this year! We can’t
say enough how thankful we are to be part of this wonderful SLP community.
Though this is a short week for us in the speech room, we still have 2 ½ days to
get through before Thanksgiving break. I thought I would share with you what is going on in our speech room in the days leading up to this holiday.

Here are the books we are reading:

I love using this book with my younger elementary students. It is a great book to use to work on sequencing and prediction. It also leads into good conversations with my students because we are able to talk about which dishes they eat for Thanksgiving and compare them to the ones in the book. They also love feeding the “old lady” that I’ve made. (pictures coming soon!)

For my little ones, the reason behind Thanksgiving is really ambiguous and I’ve found that this book really helps to shed light on being thankful for the things in their lives in a way that they can understand. This book uses a simple carrier phrase “Thanks for ___ and ___.” throughout the book. It goes through the various environments of a kiddo’s life- home, school, playground, etc. saying thank for you for the various things associated with those environments (i.e “Thanks for Dad and for piggyback rides.” “Thank you for swings and for slides.”). 
This is such a fun story especially for those kiddos who a little concerned about the fate of so many turkeys around the world. I actually had a student ask me, “So if all families eat a turkey for dinner, does that mean that many turkeys need to die?.” This story is about a group of students who travel to a farm and meet some turkeys. By the end of the story, the students are determined to save the turkeys and end up bringing them home for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve found that some of my older elementary school students even like reading this story because they get a kick out of the story line. This story is great for working on predictions, answering comprehension questions, and inferencing. 
In speech, we’ve been creating speech turkeys.  Our free Thanksgiving creativity includes various templates that you can use for a variety of students- multiple blank lines, beginning/middle/end, and various prompts. The one shown in the picture was one of my favorite to use with my students. The top of the turkey body says “Thanksgiving” and I’ve been having my students brainstorm words that are associated with Thanksgiving. This is even an activity which can be done with articulation students since they can brainstorm Thanksgiving words that have their speech sound in it. If they’re a “r” or “s” kiddo, there are tons!!

of my kiddos have been working on basic concepts. To help work on this skill, I
have created some basic concepts cards with two levels of difficulty. These are
simple to quickly print out and use. One set of pictures has a sentence written
on top which has the appropriate basic concept filled in and the second set
gives the students a set of 3 words to choose from.  If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving
language activities, be sure to check out the full Thanksgiving Language
Activities Feast packet that these basic concepts sheets are a part of! Head
over to our blog to check this packet out here

This language packet is full of activities to use in your speech room on the days leading up to Thanksgiving. This packet includes activities for pronouns, verb tenses (regular and irregular), nouns (regular and irregular plurals), adjectives, Expanding Expression Tool (EET), listening comprehension, figurative language, basic concepts, and Thanksgiving themed reinforcements. I promise you’ll find lots of activities to use with your many different groups! Head here to download this packet! 

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