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September 2014

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Under the Sea Activities for Toddlers

Today is the last day of summer!!! I can’t believe summer is over but I am ready for the fall. Over the summer my toddler was interested in things “under the sea,” so we planned some activities around that. I wanted to share some of the activities on our blog. 


-Sand castle 


-The Slippery Fish song
We played this song in the car over and over and my kiddo loved it! You can go on and type in “Slippery Fish.”


-Octopus (using a toilet paper roll and non-toxic paint)
-Fish (using a paper plate and non-toxic paint)


-Free play and exploring in the water and sand
-Building sand castles
-Drawing fish pictures with chalk on the driveway/sidewalk
-Collecting shells/rocks


-Pick any book about sea creatures. My son enjoyed reading the “Nemo” book with us. We also looked at books with vocabulary words and pictures.

From my experience kids always enjoy learning about the “beach” and “under the sea.” They learn best when they are interested in something, so pay attention to what your toddlers are interested in and follow their lead to make learning fun for both of you.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer!!! 

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Back to School SLP Essentials

For those of you in the school setting, welcome back to school!! Today I’ve decided to share with you my back to school essential items. If I had to put together a “survival kit” of my essentials, these would be in it. Without a doubt, these items have helped me survive the first week back. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to summer break but I feel excited to start a new school year!

Planner: This year, my goal is to stay more organized and on
top of things. Last year was my 1st year at my building so it had
been quite the transition year for me. This year, I don’t have an excuse since
I am already familiar with my building and most of the kiddos on my caseload. I
have decided that THIS is the year to get organized. With planning a wedding
this year as well, I have decided to have a planner solely dedicated to my work
information and one solely for personal information. I love planners that have
both the weekly and monthly views so that I am able to see the full month in a
glance but I also have room to write the day to day happenings down. My planner is by Blue Sky and I found that their planners are fun yet functional… plus they had a grey and pink chevron planner how could I not say no!

Post-it notes: Not only have these been great for leaving myself reminders but they are an absolute essential when scheduling my 50+ students at my school. I will be doing a post in the coming weeks about how I figure out my schedule for the year. I’m in LOVE with the system I came up with this year and have found it so easy to move the “pieces of the puzzle” on my schedule around to make them fit just right.

Ener-Gel pens: This has got to be my #1 school essential! Every
SLP truly needs good pens with the amount of times SLPs or parents/teachers
are required to sign paperwork. Often at meetings I have parents or teachers
comment on how great of a pen these are. They write smoothly and I love that
they are retractable.
Decorations: Boarders and my new “speech” sign that I made are a
definite must for this year. Last year, I didn’t have a chance to give my room
a makeover and make it look homier. This year, I am all about the bright happy
colors and chevron prints. In talking to people when trying to get ideas on how
to decorate my speech room, they all said that they loved coming into a room as
a kid and seeing bright colors— so bright & happy colors it was for my
speech room! Using scrapbooking paper has been great for spicing up my clear
Cloth bins & magazine holders: Holding to the theme of
getting organized, cloth bins and magazine holders have been amazing with
making my shelves look more organized. I was able to break down many of my
materials into categories and then store them in bins. Now when I go to plan/do
therapy, I can just pull open a bin and grab materials for the area that I am targeting.

Coffee: A true Seattleite, coffee is definitely a top thing I need in my survival kit to get me through the day. During the summer, I tried to lay off on my consumption of coffee but during the year I don’t think I could survive a day without it!

Snacks:  Am I the only
one having problems getting my body back into the “school eating pattern”?
During the summer, my eating schedule was a little bit more lax. However,  with the
amount of students I’m seeing every day making sure my body gets a snack in
mid-morning and mid-afternoon is absolutely necessary or else my students would
have one “hangry” SLP. I love to have fruits (during the fall apples + cinnamon…yummm), almonds, my shakeology shakes, or Quest bars on hand for a quick bite
to eat. I find that having a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon helps me to
keep going longer especially when I have a long parent meeting right after

Freezable lunch bag: Speaking of snack, I also needed a way of storing my snacks/lunch. I happened to come upon one of the best inventions (well at least in my mind), PakIt came up with an entire lunch bag that you can freeze. I found that this bag keeps my items inside of it cold for the whole day!

What are you SLP back to school survival kit essentials? We would love to hear from you!