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My Emotions and Facial Expressions

One of the most common characteristics of children with autism is the difficulty in reading facial expressions. It is important to teach these kiddos about facial expressions because in order to communicate effectively, one must be able to read facial cues and use appropriate facial expressions. I always start by teaching my kiddos with autism the basic emotions and the facial expressions that go with them. I like starting with “happy, sad, angry, and scared” and do role playing. 

As an SLP, I spend a lot of time teaching kiddos with autism about social skills. We work on facial expressions, body orientation/language, tone of voice, vocal volume, etc. Working on social skills is fun but sometimes difficult. I made a packet that I can use to help teach these kiddos the facial expressions for some of these emotions. Click here for a free printable you can use with your kiddos who struggle with this concept –> My Emotions and Facial Expressions

Here are some sample pages! This is an 8-page packet! 

We are linking up with our wonderful fellow SLPs at Speechie Freebies again! Click on this link for more freebies.

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