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Winter Activities for Young Children

Hi all! Hope you’re having a great week so far! I wanted to share some pictures with you of therapy activities and crafts we did in speech this week. I like to plan my therapy activities around themes that my kiddos are interested in. This week I heard some of the kids talk about “snowman.” We live in California and most of the kids I work with have never seen the snow before. I thought it would be fun to teach them about the snow and introduce them to new vocabulary words, so we watched some youtube videos of snow and kids making a snowman. We read a few books and talked about the cold weather. We also got to play with fake snow and we made snowman crafts. 

Fake snow and paper snowman
Play-doh snowman

Snow and winter tree

These activities were perfect for my kiddos ages 2-5 years old. Many of my young kiddos have the same goals, so it was nice to target their goals using the same activities. Some of the targeted goals were:

1- Basic concepts (cold vs. hot) 
2- Body parts (using the snowman)
3- Following directions (i.e. put the nose on the snowman)
4- Colors
5- Seasons
6- Using words to request/comment
7- Engaging in reciprocal conversation

As SLPs working with young kiddos, we can take anything that our kiddos are interested in and turn it into an opportunity to facilitate language. I always get the best outcome when my therapy sessions are planned around my kiddos’ interests. Hope you’re all staying warm out there!

Happy Friday (almost)!

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