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Finger painting Fun

I work in a private clinic and we see many many children under the age of three so I get to do so many fun things throughout the day. My younger kiddos at work always enjoy finger painting and it is so nice to see where their imagination takes them while they use their little fingers to paint. I decided to do some finger painting with my toddler this past weekend and he LOVED this activity. He was way more into it than I thought he would be. If you have toddlers at home or even older children who enjoy painting, finger painting is a great activity to try with them. I used a canvas for the painting but you can use paper if you wish. We also used these little brushes at some point but he was more excited about painting with his fingers. I got everything at Michaels; they have paint that is washable and non-toxic, great for kids. 

Let the fun begin!

Look at my masterpiece!
Check out my prints on the back!

My first artwork at 1 year!

I thought it would be a good idea to give him the same size canvas every year around his birthday and let him paint whatever he wants + get his prints on the back. It’ll be fun to look back at how their paintings change. 

I like finger painting because it stimulates kids’ creativity and imagination. Kids can learn about mixing colors and it is a fun sensory activity. It can also be a great group activity (probably super messy though). You can have a bunch of kids paint together to create shared artwork and you can work on “sharing” and talk about “teamwork” with the older kids. I have noticed that painting is emotionally soothing for some of my kiddos at work and it helps regulate them. A lot of times at work I have to be able to help my kiddos regulate before I can do any speech/language activities with them. Painting and the sensory experience that comes with it helps regulate some of my kiddos especially the ones with autism and it gives us the opportunity to work on many language goals (i.e. colors, verbs, requesting, etc.)

And lastly finger painting is a ton of FUN!!

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