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Conference Week

Hello everyone! I am currently embarking on one of the
busiest weeks a school SLP faces during the fall—conference week. During
conference week, I like to make myself available to touch base with the
parents/families of the students I serve. I know realistically I will not be
able to attend all of my students’ conference meetings but I like to at least
pop in for the first or last 5 minutes of the meeting for parents to ask any
questions. I have let teacher know that when I am not in a conference, I will
be in my office and they are welcome to direct parents down to see me as well. I
always jot down notes about what we have been working on and the progress the
students have been making in relation to their goals. I think conference time
is also a great time to address the importance of working on speech homework at
home to increase generalization of skills.

To help make conference week run a little more smoothly for
you school SLPs, I have created some organizational materials that I am putting
to use this week. I have included a conference schedule template, a welcome to
the speech room sign (indicating for parents to come in or for them to wait a
moment while you are speaking with another parent), and conference note sheets.
They have a background on them too (thanks for!

You can find this conference week packet for free one our
tpt store: SLP Conference Week Packet

How do you handle conference week? Hope it runs smoothly for
those who have conference week this week!

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