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Love it & List It: Language Apps

It’s our first time participating in Speech Room News’ Love it & List It party! When I saw that it was on language applications, I just couldn’t resist.

1: News-2-You: This app is great in that it includes
articles on recent topics relevant to kids: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
2, Pizza month, Constitution Day, etc.. These articles include vocabulary
cards, “wh” questions, recipes for following directions, and jokes (which the
kids love!). It also gives you the capability of choosing your level of


2: Language Empires: This is a fun way for kids to work on
specific language targets while they travel through an ancient civilization themed
storyline. This app targets 8 different areas: figurative language, vocabulary, predicting, sequencing, inferencing, why, how, and which questions.


3: Dr. Panda’s Daycare: This interactive “game” provides many
opportunities to target language goals. The kids love describing what the
different animals in the scene are doing. It also lends itself to target some
great basic concepts: on top, next to, between, inside, outside and many more!


4: Story Grammar Marker: This app is used frequently in my
speech room! It’s great to use in conjunction with the story grammar
curriculum set. The kids love that you are able to record and draw in this app.

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Conference Week

Hello everyone! I am currently embarking on one of the
busiest weeks a school SLP faces during the fall—conference week. During
conference week, I like to make myself available to touch base with the
parents/families of the students I serve. I know realistically I will not be
able to attend all of my students’ conference meetings but I like to at least
pop in for the first or last 5 minutes of the meeting for parents to ask any
questions. I have let teacher know that when I am not in a conference, I will
be in my office and they are welcome to direct parents down to see me as well. I
always jot down notes about what we have been working on and the progress the
students have been making in relation to their goals. I think conference time
is also a great time to address the importance of working on speech homework at
home to increase generalization of skills.

To help make conference week run a little more smoothly for
you school SLPs, I have created some organizational materials that I am putting
to use this week. I have included a conference schedule template, a welcome to
the speech room sign (indicating for parents to come in or for them to wait a
moment while you are speaking with another parent), and conference note sheets.
They have a background on them too (thanks for!

You can find this conference week packet for free one our
tpt store: SLP Conference Week Packet

How do you handle conference week? Hope it runs smoothly for
those who have conference week this week!

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Fall Nature Walk in Speech

The past two weeks I used the nature as part of my therapy plan with my younger kiddos and we had so much fun with it. The kids and I walked around the building and talked about what we saw. My kiddos loved this activity and it really got them to use their words. We talked about  squirrels, trees, pinecones, tree branches, leaves, snails, bikes, cars, trucks, etc. The kids were particularly interested in the pinecones and the tree branches so we brought them inside and painted them and put glitter on them. The kids got the chance to learn new words and practice their colors.

Our outside walk around the clinic 
Painting the pinecones
Decorating the pinecones with glitter
I also took my 1 year old to a park last week and let him play in fall leaves. We got to touch and feel these beautiful fall leaves and talk about their colors. He collected random things off the ground and handed them to me so I made him this art piece with the pieces he picked out. He had fun touching these and I’m glad he got the opportunity to explore. This is a fun activity to do with your young kids. It’s simple and they’ll have fun looking for different pieces for their artwork.
Fall leaves glued to paper (I used hot glue)
Want to keep your kids busy this weekend? Get out there with your kids, let them explore the nature, and help them find pinecones, different color leaves, branches, etc. Then bring these back home, make a simple art project by just glueing everything to a piece of construction paper, or just talk about what they found. Enjoy October! 

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Fall Language Packet

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’ve been hard at work putting together a fall themed language packet.

This packet contains fall themed activities to work on:
– basic pronouns for the younger kiddos (she has/he has/they have)
– pronouns for the older kiddos (subjective, objective, possessive, reflexive)
– verb tenses (present, past-regular, and past-irregular
– basic concepts/prepositions (next to, in front of, behind, first, middle, last)

This packet also includes two game boards at the end and a roll and color worksheet to use as motivation.

Head over to our TPT store to download the preview!

Picking Pumpkins and Apples Language Packet

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Using Paint Sample Cards to Teach Smooth vs. Bumpy Speech

There are many ways to teach children about smooth vs. bumpy speech when it comes to fluency. Children who stutter need reminders to use their “smooth” speech. I have used different visuals and tactile cues in the past to help my kiddos understand the concepts of “smooth” and “bumpy.” However, my favorite one so far is using a smooth piece of paper and sandpaper. You give them the two papers and ask them to touch and feel the different textures, and they tell you which one feels smooth and which one feels bumpy.

We have been remodeling our house and I have been going to Lowe’s and Home Depot a lot lately. We had to pick paint colors for our walls and I was looking at the big colorful section with all the paint sample cards. I was obviously thinking more about speech than remodeling, so I picked up some really nice and smooth cards and some sandpaper for my speech kiddos.

Smooth Paper- These cards are SUPER smooth


Smooth vs. Bumpy

You can use these smooth and bumpy papers to remind children to use their smooth speech. I think visual cues are great and when you have visual and tactile cues, that’s even better. You can teach children these concepts using anything that is “smooth” or “bumpy.” Smooth and bumpy rocks work great too. I just really like these cool and colorful paint sample cards. They are so easy to find and they are fun to use 🙂

Let us know if you have success using these cards with children who stutter!

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Common Irregular Plural Nouns

I have been working on “Irregular Plurals” with my kiddos this past week. Many elementary school aged children I see get their plural nouns confused, so I made a list of  Common Irregular Plural Nouns with pictures to help my kiddos learn these nouns. You can print the PDF by clicking on the link above. 

***This printable will be free for the first week, then you can find it on our TPT store***

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Changing of the Seasons

Happy fall everyone!

One thing that I love the most about fall is that it lends itself to some great language and articulation opportunities in my speechroom. There is just so much vocabulary to discuss with my students! What I love the most about living in the Pacific Northwest is that we actually get to experience the changing of the seasons.

Here is a picture of my fall/autumn themed window display. I found this adorable foam tree at target for only $5. Granted the acorn ornaments fell off but that also provided opportunities to discuss how acorns actually do fall from trees during the fall.

Another activity that many of my students enjoyed was making a fall tree by tracing their arm and hand on a piece of paper. They got a hoot out of it and many couldn’t contain their giggles because they said it tickled. I then had the students write the words Fall & Autumn in the middle of the tree trunk (see I told you fall lends itself to some great vocab. & concepts!). I asked students to brainstorm words that they thought of when they heard the word “fall”. I also had a book entitled “Picking Apples & Pumpkins” by Amy and Richard Hutchings open on the table as a visual aid. They came up with some great words such as:

Fall words
Pumpkin patch
Hay ride
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Hot chocolate

My “fall tree” also came with a packet of fall themed stickers. The students each got to pick out their favorite sticker and fall word. I wrote their favorite fall word on the sticker and they got to pick a special spot to place it on the tree. I see their faces light up when their walk pass my window and they see the fall word that they chose!

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year and to celebrate I made a fall themed “Fall, Fall, What Do You See” book for you all!

Fall, Fall, What Do You See?

Also check out my “Give Me S’More Syllables”… I reduced the price! This has definitely been a packet that I’ve found myself reaching for at the start of the year!