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Communication Temptation

Before we dive into the
topic of this week—child language— I wanted to
answer a question that I often get asked. I am often asked, “What is the
difference between speech and language…aren’t they the same thing?”. Though they do have
a relation to each other, they are two different concepts.
is made up of socially shared rules that includes what words mean, how to make
new words, how to put words together, and what combination of words to use in
different situations.
Language is the words or
combinations of words we put together to interact and navigate throughout out
day.  It’s easy to forget how truly
complex language is! As we put words together to formulate conversations with
those around us, our minds are continually processing all of these “rules” in
order to formulate a coherent and socially appropriate phrase/sentence or some
sort of nonverbal message.
is the verbal means of communication that includes

Articulation (how sounds are made)
(use of the speech mechanisms to produce sound)
(the rhythm and flow of speech)
The combination of all
three elements is what is known as speech production. Just as language is a
complex process, so is speech production. All three of these elements must work
together in order to produce speech sounds correctly and fluently with the
appropriate vocal quality.
Now onto the post for
today where I take you into my therapy room!
One thing that I had
learned throughout grad school and during my CFY year was the power of
“communication temptation” in order to help facilitate language.  Now “communication temptation” means exactly what
it sounds like. With “communication temptation”, the adult/parent/therapist
sets up the environment so that the child has to use a mode of communication in
order to obtain the object or action they desire. In my developmental
kindergarten classroom, toys are often out of reach or placed in clear bins so
that a child HAS to request the item from an adult. The usage of “communication
temptation” is one of my favorite ways to facilitate language in my therapy
This past week, I used an
app typically designed for nonverbal or emerging verbal students with some of
my higher verbal students. The iPad app that I used is called PECS Phase III by
Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. The app retails for $9.99. In the eyes of
an SLP just starting out, that price is right down my alley. This app is
designed to look just like a Picture Exchange Communication (PEC) binder. You
can easily customize how many “Velcro strips” you want on each page, add your
own custom pictures, and best of all it has the capability of adding an
auditory label to each button. 

                                               PECs Phase III

Now how did I use this
app with my higher verbal kiddos. Well PECs Phase III + a Melissa & Doug
fishing puzzle + an Otterbox stand=communication temptation!

As you can see in the
picture I placed the magnetic fish pieces behind the iPad. I had students
verbally tell me which fish they wanted (i.e. “pink jelly fish”) and activate
the “button” for that piece. After pressing the button, they would be
reinforced by the auditory feedback I had recorded. PECs Phase III allowed me
to easily take pictures of each of the fish puzzles and customize my own
buttons with these pictures. PLUS my students loved getting to press the button
after telling me which one they wanted. For my nonverbal kiddos, I just had
them activate the button. After they had requested a piece, I had them put
their fishing pole over the iPad to see if they could catch the fish they had
requested. With a little help from Miss Christine they just so happened to
catch the fish they requested every time! Imagine that! PECs Phase III is an
app that I cannot stop raving about to my parents, teachers, and staff that I
work with!
Hope you enjoyed “coming
into” my therapy room this week! As the school year is coming to an end,
I hope everyone is enjoying those last few days of school despite how busy they
may be!

These are all my own opinions and I was not personally asked to review this app in any way. 

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