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Welcome part 2!

Hello everyone!
First of all welcome
to our blog. Secondly, I hope that the information and materials that we share
with you on this blog will help you as much as the bloggers of the SLP
community out there have helped me.
My journey in this
blogging world first began as I started my clinical fellowship year through a
school district in Washington. I was given a brand new (read: zero materials)
extended day autism preschool and developmental kindergarten and a high school.
After a few months, I was switched from the high school to an elementary school
where I now serve an extended resource classroom and the general k-5
population. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first walked into my office
and saw how bare the room was. After weeks of pulling from toys/books the
preschool teacher at my school was about to send to surplus, I was finally able
to get my hands on some materials. Now we all have a school spending budget but
when you start from the ground up as a new SLP, $200 can only be stretched so far.
That is where Teachers
Pay Teachers comes into play. I found this wonderful website through Pinterest
and various bloggers– www.speechroomnews.com, www.thespeechladies.blogspot.com, www.lcslp.blogspot.com — to name a few. This has been my most invaluable
resource to date. I am able to purchase a variety of products to fit the needs
of my students and the prices can’t be beat either.
This all got me
thinking and I decided I would be brave and start a TpT store of my own. I
wanted to be able to give back to the SLP community as much as they had given
to me. I was coined by my fellow grad classmates as the “creative one” and
someone (Hi Danielle!) had even suggested I start a blog. So that is exactly
what I decided to do. You can also find me at www.speechiepalooza.blogspot.com and www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Speechie-Palooza . Thank you for all of the support you have
given me thus far.
Well… I decided to take this idea even further.
After a chat with one of my dearest grad school friends, we decided to start a
joint blog together showcasing both of our strengths. We both thought that our
areas of passion and expertise would complement each other well and that was
when “The Speech Chicks” was born.
We hope that you find
this resource as one that will help make your therapy day or if you are a
parent—your everyday life – just a tad bit easier. We are excited to be
able to share our ideas and thoughts with you. Let us know if there is anything
you would like to see. I look forward to chatting with you all again soon!

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